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summer fun con’t… August 20, 2011

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Mats & I went fishing & to my surprise: both of us caught one 😛

My quick trip to the states… Rebecca & I in Duluth.

Finally got to see Kate!!

Went to Northern MN to surprise friends, Maria & Anders(from Norway) who were doing an internship up there. It was so fun to have a reunion & go hiking all day with a great gang. Here we are saying goodbye! Love you guys!! Grant,Danielle,Rebecca,Austin,Casey, Me,Maria&Anders

Mom & I

I’m thankful to have spent some time with my grandpa too. Please pray for him as he’s quite sick these days. He could use all the peace & support he can get.





Where have I been??? July 20, 2011

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No excuses for being silent besides not having time to update…so here are the past 4 months happenings in photos!


Sigrid & I on our lunch break

enjoying a walk by the fjord

Easter with Line in Hamar 🙂


Eivind’s surprise party

Quest cabin trip- swimming in May with ice still on the lake 🙂

We had great weather the whole weekend & cooked yummy food on the fire the whole time

Breakfast on 17.mai- Norway’s national day! Love my girls 🙂


Linn came to visit me!!

Sigrid & I at the last day of Bible school. I’m going to miss this family!! What an amazing year it’s been.

Ane & Magnus got hitched!!! Lovely pair. Lovely day. CONGRATS you two!!!

Questers reunion- Cortney & Brett came over from the states for the wedding too!! LOVE THESE FRIENDS!!! 🙂 🙂

The U.S. team headed to Horten to visit Ellen, Håvard, & their babe, Birk. What a FABULOUS TIME TOGETHER!

He’s such a cutie! I LOVE HIM!!! Birk, you’ve stolen my heart 🙂

Then we headed to Tønsberg to visit Ole Johan, Annette, & their 3 boys. Nice to be reunited again.

Samuel & I

David & Brett

Cortney & Joel

After saying goodbye to Cort & Brett & the Ellingsen Family, I headed to Bergen to be with a man the Lord has brought into my life, Mats (pronounced like the applesauce, Motts 😛 )

 We’re excited to see what is ahead for us! The future is BRIGHT & the journey is far from boring! What a gift 🙂 🙂


Jesus Week

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Worship Night on Campus

Duluth team at waffle table at NTNU campus

quest table

Pizza time after the Jesus Presentation

one of our student’s father painted this!

Norwegians vs. Americans!!!

There is SO much to say about what the Lord did during this week but if I had to sum up this fantastic week in one word it would be: BREAKTHROUGH!!!! We experienced breakthroughs in all areas. We had 15-20 valuable “Jesus convos” EACH DAY! We did things we’ve never done before on campus. Showed the documentary, Furious Love. Had waffle tables at both Dragvoll & Gløshaugen and got to pray for many people. The Jesus Presentation and the Worship Night were the highlights for me. We took the idea from what many businesses come and do at the Uni. They have a 45 minute presentation and then free food to follow. We had a great turn out and people stayed for hours afterward talking about faith. It was incredible! We also had a powerful night of worship on Wed. night. It was so encouraging to come together and proclaim the name of Jesus in a place that is so against. BREAKTHROUGH!!!!

We had major reinforcements come to help with Jesus week 🙂 We had a team of 15 from Duluth come and join us. They’re so hard core. They’re passionate. Excited. Inspiring. Motivated. Willing to serve. Loving Jesus.WE WERE BLESSED TO HAVE YOU GUYS!!!



Quick update: We’re home! March 9, 2011

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Here’s our team in front of a church in Nonthaburi: Dag, Anja, Mats, Kristina & I. The trip was priceless, words can’t really describe, but I’ll update more when I get some more time. Thank you so much for all your prayers for us as we were in Asia. I can truly say that they helped!! Jesus protected us and also opened our hearts to the people of Thailand and the surrounding countries. I know this won’t be my last time in Asia, that’s for sure!!!

At The Grand Palace in Bangkok

Saying goodbye to our wonderful friend & translator Goi was difficult, but maybe we can convince her to come visit Norway 😛

Now we’re getting over jet lag as soon as possible to get ready for receiving a team of 14 people from Duluth on Friday. They’ll be here for 10 days and partnering with us for our annual JESUS WEEK!! Prayers are also appreciated as we’re stepping out and sharing the love of Jesus on the campus this week. We have great expectations for what’s going to happen w/in people’s lives & hearts. AMEN!


a little bit of BIT February 15, 2011

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Samuel from the bible school is inspired to sing while 2 guys from MorningStar Ministries were visiting last week.


2nd Class Practical trip to Tingvoll & Elgnesvågen

It was fantastic to be back in Tingvoll for the second time. Dag, our teacher grew up there, so we have had the chance to come back to bless the people there again. I loved the way we were able to pray with people individually & to see God really move in our midst. I was stretched to pray in Norwegian most of the time, that was interesting… 😛 Either way, I know people were blessed! I got to pray for several people to be healed of different diseases, cancer or side affects of chemo or other health issues & many felt heat in their feet, a change in their breathing or were filled with more faith to continually ask the Lord to restore their health. I’m completely trusting the Lord for a full recovery for all of them!! He IS the HEALER!!

Sigrid, Frode, David & me at an old Norwegian church in Tingvoll

Sigrid & I enjoying some down time with some songs!

Today, I was “sent out” from my fellow Bit classmates to Thailand. They prayed over me & Dag and for our team. We asked for prayers of protection, health, open doors, new contacts, divine set ups with people, amazing miracles that only JESUS can do and the list goes on & on!! Please join Bit & remember us in your prayers too!! THEY ARE NEEDED. I know that going to a different culture and place also brings different spiritual challenges, so having a strong backing in prayer is so KEY to seeing breakthroughs & staying safe. In a country that is professed Buddhist, we long to see the truth, peace, hope, and freedom of Jesus to be made known. We are called to GO!! So….here we GOOOO!!!!!

We leave on Thursday, Feb.17th and we’ll return on Tuesday, March 8th!!! I can’t wait for this & yet I’m also not sure what to expect since I’ve never been to Asia before. I’m finding it hard to know how to pack while I’m sitting here bundled up in a blanket with wool socks on & it’s 30 degrees Celsius where we’ll be going! That’s a contrast, I’d say…I look forward to experiencing a different culture, new tastes, smells, impressions. I know that we’ll be stretched by the Lord & I can’t wait for us to step out in faith to see how He comes and meets us personally & the people we’ll meet! HE IS SO GOOD!!

Thailand here we come!!!!!! 😀



Team Thailand January 19, 2011

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We’re ready folks!!!! In just 1 month we’ll be heading to Thailand for little under 3 weeks!! We met last night to pray together, plan our program and dream about what Jesus is going to do in & through us as a team!!!  (I stole this photo from Dag)


There is so much more! January 3, 2011

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As I visited Reidun for New Years, I had time to think about what is ahead and these small phrases in her house reminded me of what I want for 2011- this is the year for MORE!! I really am looking forward to ALL that God has in store. From glory to glory, right?!?! COME ON!!! 😀

I want to LIVE this year with PASSION. Experience life. Joy. Faith. Hope. to BELIEVE. Have hope for MORE. Truly allow myself to DREAM. DREAM BIG & then dream even BIGGER!! to LOVE well. I want to be WOWed by God daily, needing Him more than the day before! Having VISION. excitement. Freedom. Power & REST!! To be filled with all the FULLNESS.

Here’s a song that really says it all! Amen.